About Us

Dutoit Europe B.V., member of the Dutoit Group, is a professional global service provider of fresh fruit from the Southern Hemisphere primarily. We literally bring you the very best fruit from across the world.

Dutoit Europe B.V. is the link between the producer and the consumer. As Dutoit, we are the source for stone fruit, grapes, top fruit, sweet potatoes and onions. Together with other producing partners, we specialize in numerous products, like citrus from overseas regions.

Our fruit is exclusively sourced from companies with their own production, and our excellent connections with the retailers bring us as close to the end-consumer as possible. Our company is the source and offers you excellent infrastructure and facilities thanks to its location at the heart of Rotterdam's fruit port.

We have flexible packing facilities that are situated in modern locations, with all transportation methods at our disposal. Our storage facilities meet the highest quality requirements. Our organization is known for its no-nonsense approach and is supported by low operational costs. We add value to your needs wherever possible by being flexible and transparent.

With our high level of service, we understand that we only have you to thank for maintaining our position. We believe in long-term partnerships with our customers and growers for the best support in the total supply chain of fresh fruits.


We provide pure fruit for a healthy life that makes you smile!


It is our passion to connect our customers with our source in the Southern Hemisphere and provide them with quality fruit and added value in the supply chain at the lowest cost. We believe in fair prices for our farmers and want to develop the fruit & veg category in a sustainable way together with our business partners!

Core Values

Trust, Transparent, Together!

Our History

Established at the start of the 20th century as a private auctioneer for Dutch top fruit (apples/pears), Nico de Jong B.V. is currently managed by the 4th generation of the de Jong family. In 2005, Alfred de Jong became shareholder and is now CEO. Recently, a very important strategic step was taken (in January 2017) with Dutoit Group’s buy-in of Nico de Jong BV, one of the most important suppliers. With Dutoit’s forward integration, we want to be the direct connection for Europe-based retailers and add value by providing the best service at the lowest cost!

Our Team

Alfred de Jong
Managing Director
Bart Wols
Cuneyt Olmez
John de Laat
Marcel Elkenbracht
Mario de Goede
Sander Koenen
Quality Control
Aleksandra Guayacan
Quality Assurance
Sebastiaan Gesquierre
Ed van der Scheer
Jelte Pier Slump